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The Story of Makayla Joy

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that matter; it’s the life in your years.”
- Abraham Lincoln
Makayla Joy Sitton

People across the nation, even throughout the world, have followed the Sitton’s story since their tragedy on Thanksgiving 2009, when their beautiful six year old daughter, Makayla Joy, was murdered in her bed. As a result, many have been drawn to Makayla’s life. She has left a lasting impression on all those who knew her—and those who never even met her. Though her years on this earth were short, what remains is the love she shared and the effect her legacy still has on others today.

Makayla Joy Sitton

Ask anyone who knew her, and they’ll tell you, Makayla was special in every way. She was a sweet, bright, kind, and caring child. Her heart was filled with faith and she showed wisdom beyond her years. As Makayla was home schooled, she grew in character, purity of heart and love for the Lord and others. She was known for being diligent, thoughtful and very polite. She loved to learn and had a gift for memorizing and reciting Bible verses, psalms and poetry.

Makayla also loved to sing, dance and above all, she loved to read. She began reading at the age of two. Books were her favorite pass time-she read books morning, noon and night. Makayla had such a vivid imagination and loved to pretend and tell stories. Jim and Muriel would often tell Makayla that she might be an author one day. At last, she is an author with the release of her storybook called “The Bear’s Castle”.

Makayla Joy Sitton

The Sitton’s hopes and dreams came to a shattering halt when on November 26, 2009, they suffered an unspeakable tragedy. On Thanksgiving Day, when their family was giving praises and thanks to God, a killer came uninvited into their home and massacred 4 family members, including Muriel’s mother and six year old Makayla who had been tucked into bed for the night.

Not a day goes by that the Sittons don’t long or ache for their daughter. But through the anguish and the tears, they have made it their mission to keep Makayla’s light shining. As a result, the Sittons established the Makayla Joy Sitton Foundation as a way to carry on their daughter’s memory and legacy while enriching the lives, minds, and spirits of other children in need. They truly hope to pass on the “Joy” that Makayla so enthusiastically showered on everyone she met. Makayla’s love and spirit remain alive in the hearts of her parents, family, friends, and the many who have been and will continue to be, touched by her story.


Makayla Joy Sitton Foundation

About The Foundation

Committed to honoring the life and light of Makayla Joy Sitton, our Foundation’s mission is to inspire families through the arts and education, giving children in need the chance to enjoy the same creative pursuits that Makayla so lovingly embraced. We achieve this by funding scholarships and other programs in our community dedicated to enriching the minds and spirits of our children, and equipping families for a strong tomorrow.

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